8 Hours | From: € 269 | 1 to 4 Persons (Customizable – Select duration and number of persons)


Our experienced driver will pick you up from your location (hotel, airport, port etc.) and we will drive through beautiful wide-open plains and cotton plantations of the Boeotia region.

Heading towards the town of Arachova, the landscape gradually changes as we are gaining altitude through green mountain hills with tall pines and spruce trees, providing you an astonishing scenery.

The beautiful town of Arachova is a popular destination among tourists and locals due to its location on Mount Parnassus, its tradition and its panoramic view. Arachova is also famous for its black wine, colourful carpets, handicrafts and woodcut creations.

Afterwards, we will arrive at the ancient sanctuary of Delphi where the oracle Pythia was consulted about important decisions by important people of the ancient Greek history. Delphi was considered the “center of the world”. According to the legend, Zeus let two eagles fly from the ends of the world to find the navel of the Earth and the sacred birds met at Delphi. It is also recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The first site to be seen is the Tholos of Delphi in the Temple of Athena Pronaia which was constructed between 380 and 360 BC and it is the most widely recognized building on the site because of the color of the marble and the fact that it is a round temple, not all that common in Greece.

The Sanctuary of Apollo, situated in the center of the site, is a Doric temple where Pythia used to sit and pronounce her prophecies.

The Athenian Treasury, a marble building, was built to hold the rich offerings made to Apollo and to celebrate the victory at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

The ancient theatre at Delphi was built in the 4th century BC further up the hill giving spectators an amazing view of the valley below.

Further above is the large stadium which was famous for its chariot races and was renovated by Herodes Atticus.

Finally, we will a make a stop at Arachova to take photos of the amazing view and enjoy a meal before we return to Athens.