6 Hours | From: € 189 | 1 to 4 Persons (Customizable – Select duration and number of persons)


Our experienced driver will pick you up from your location (hotel, airport, port etc.) and as we head towards Epidaurus, we will make a stop at the renowned Isthmus of Corinth where you can enjoy the view and take photos of the Corinth Canal.
The Corinth Canal is a great achievement of Greek history because it connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf.

It consists of a single channel measuring 6,4 kilometres (4 miles) in length and 24.6 metres (81 ft) in width and separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland.

After that we will arrive at Epidaurus, a city that a lot of ill people visited to be cured by the Greek god of medicine and healing Asclepius, whose snake-entwined staff remains a symbol of medical arts.

The Sanctuary of Asclepius is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is considered the birthplace of medicine. Within the Sanctuary there was a guest house with 160 guestrooms where the patients underwent treatments by having baths.

There is also a stadium that hosted games to honor Asclepius.

The Abaton was a large hall with tall columns where patients would sleep and rest. As they were sleeping, Asclepius himself would appear in their dreams to inform them about the right cure for their ailments.

The great Theatre of Epidaurus is one of the most well-preserved ancient theatres in Greece and theatrical performances are held to this day. Symmetrically beautiful and with a maximum capacity of 14.000 spectators, the theatre hosted music, comedy and dramatic shows which believed to have positive effects on the mental and physical health of the patients. It is admired for its exceptional acoustics that amplify any sound coming from the stage without any sound equipment. If a coin or pin is dropped on the stage, you can clearly hear it from any seat of the theatre.

When our tour is completed we will return back to Athens.